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There are 4 capsules in 1 box!

Introducing - The Lovers Pack*!
In proud partnership with Skins, every customer who orders 3 or more packets of The Gold Pill - will receive The Lovers Pack, completely free of charge.

*The Lovers Pack contains - two Skins condoms and two different single use sachets of a personal lubricant -  a silicon based lubricant (ID Millenium) and a water based lubricant (ID Glide), for even better, safer sex.

Currently out of stock!!!
ETA at the moment unknown

1 box The Gold Pill

£ 15.99

2 boxes The Gold Pill

£ 29.80
You save 7%

3 boxes The Gold Pill

£ 42.24
You save 12%

5 boxes The Gold Pill

£ 66.35
You save 17%

10 boxes The Gold Pill

£ 123.15
You save 23%

20 boxes The Gold Pill

£ 223.99
You save 30%
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