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Anonymous - 5/5,16.01.2020

The Gold Pill works Amazing it`s the best I`ve tried Minimum side effects if you drink plenty of water with it definitely works wonders I would recommend it against anything else on the market.

Anonymous - 5/5,13.01.2020

Good product!

Anonymous - 5/5,09.01.2020

“ I’m happy with this pills because I have used for 5 years around and no bad effects !”

Anonymous - 5/5,12.12.2019

The gold pill is the best on the market tried other pills but none more effective than these. Must try for anyone new to these or anyone whose tried more expensive products but not tried the gold pill will not be disappointed.

Anonymous - 5/5,18.11.2019

This is without doubt the best enhancement product on the market. The effects last for a few days so definitely worth the money. Hence why this is my second order.

Anonymous - 5/5,15.11.2019

It’s is wow product, tried so many from pills from the market and from the ebay but all were fake with no result but this pill is amazing giving the unbelievable result lasts for two days this is the best pill ever would recommend with 100% confidence.

Anonymous - 5/5,10.11.2019

Very good works well.

Anonymous - 5/5,10.10.2019

Good product.

Anonymous of Essex - 5/5,03.10.2019

Would highly recommend over other products on the market and does what it say on the tin very impressed.

Anonymous of Essex - 5/5,22.09.2019

I was sceptical regarding this product but thought I had nothing to lose by trying it, but how wrong I was !! The results were amazing and long lasting. My wife tells me that the sex has never been this good or enjoyable since we were first married. I can heartily recommend this product. Give it a try and see the results for yourself!

Anonymous - 5/5,22.09.2019

I have tried few other pills nothing is as good as The Gold pill. This is the best pills in the market. first time recently I order one box and it was excellent. So I’m ordering another five box Trust me it’s a excellent product and I`m happy with the Gold pills!

Paul - 5/5,21.08.2019

Amazing product. Longer lasting sex with my partner. Strongly recommend you to purchase these great pills

Anonymous - 5/5,19.09.2019

Great product, once pill has been taken it starts to work within 30mins. Makes me much more confident and I find it lasts for at least 48 hours if not 72 hours. Well recommended and this won’t be last time I order. No more worrying about if I’ll be able be get hard, this pill takes all that worry away and leaves me to enjoy the sex with my Mrs. Great product, don’t delay, get ordering

Anonymous - 5/5,05.09.2019

Ive been using these for a few years now. extremely reliable & a great confidence boost!

Anonymous - 5/5,28.08.2019

I have used these before and have recommended them to two of my friends who are using them one of them has bought 12 boxes overall . He is very happy with them I have been using them for 3 or 4 years now and obviously highly recommended them.

Anonymous - 5/5,01.08.2019

Very good!

Anonymous - 5/5,15.07.2019

Amazing. I never struggle with erections. But every now and again with a new partner nerves may get the better of you. Never with this. Works fast and into the next day. We`ll worth the buy!

Anonymous - 5/5,03.07.2019

Can`t believe how good these pills are compared to leading brands would say they are better!

BS - 5/5,16.06.2019

Wow. I tried this being a little older now and erections not being as hard and lasting longer. Within 30 mins the product took effect . My erection was very hard and and we had sex for much longer. Lasted min 48 hrs. Great product ordering again.

Anonymous - 5/5,10.06.2019

Amazing product, works everytime, I’ve used it many times. Works after 30 minutes & lasts for @ least 24 hrs, recommended!

Miss Anonymous - 5/5,01.05.2019

This product is absolutely amazing, a bit unsure when we 1st tried it but I can honestly say it was the best experience we've had, he last for hours andsatisfied me half a dozen times... even the next day he was he was pestering me for more, he was like the Duracell Bunny. Definitely gets my vote!!

Annymous - 5/5,20.04.2019

I have been using the Gold Pill for a few years now and it never lets us down. Very hard erections within 30 minutes and the effects last for a couple of days. My wife loves them!

Annymous - 5/5,05.03.2019

Can not fault this item even better than the well know brands and lasts the whole weekend great!!!

Annymous - 5/5,28.02.2019

Have been using the Gold Pill for over 1 year and is really perfect. It is always work and never disappointed me.Best on the market, really happy.I will order again for sure.Also is good for a party:) or for gift.Very quick delivery-really good.Highly recommend it!!!!!!!!!!!

Annymous - 5/5,10.02.2019

WOW never tried these before but I am really impressed not been so aroused for years and they do last a minimum of 48hours !

Ram - 5/5,15.01.2019

Have been using the Gold Pill for over 5 year and is much more effective than the prescribed blue pill. Very Amazing satisfying and never disappoints me !

Anonymous - 5/5,01.01.2019

I was very sceptical of taking any pill to enhance my failing love life this really works it real this really works it reall is Thnak you

Anonymous - 5/5,29.12.2018

The gold pill is great definitely the best one on the market and for me it lasts for 3 days !

Anonymous - 5/5,24.11.2018

Have been using the Gold Pill for over 5 year and is much more effective than the prescribed blue pill. Very Amazing satisfying and never disappoints me !

Anonymous - 5/5,08.11.2018

Was really in doubt if these would work but I have got to say WOW very impressed.

Anonymous - 5/5,06.11.2018

Hi Dear this is the 5th times i'm buying from you can you give me a stronger one please i will buy some more like i did thank you.

Anonymous - 5/5,05.11.2018

I'm 49 and tried prescription pills but even then not perfect. Tried TheGoldPill and wow never felt better, really boosted my confidence again and my drive...leeb.

Charlie from Blackpool - 5/5,14.10.2018

I had no problems till I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After the hormone therapy which lasted for 2 years plus 37 radiotherapy treatments I could no longer get an erection. Prescribed viagra by my GP. which got me somewhere near but not hard enough for penetration. I’ve now tried the gold pill and yes thank you I have my sex life back!

Jake Smith - 5/5,01.10.2018

5 star rating. Within 30minute ready for action. Lasts 48hrs.

Anonymous - 5/5,01.10.2018

Nice product for me so far. Have used now for about two years.

Anonymous - 5/5,28.09.2018

This pill is amazing I do put an order in around once a month. It`s great to use on a special occasion or if you feel nervous with a new partner. Always had great results.

Anonymous - 5/5,04.09.2018

Have been using the Gold Pill for over a year and is much more effective than the prescribed blue pill. Very satisfying and never disappoints.

Anonymous - 5/5,23.08.2018

I have tried few pills nothing is as good as The Gold pill. This is the best in the market. I used it for the first time recently and it was excellent. I was well over the next few days. I`m happy with Gold pill.

Anonymous - 5/5,07.08.2018

Brilliant product never fails to deliver!

Anonymous - 5/5,29.07.2018

I`m suffering from ED but healthy and now 72 but still active

Anonymous - 5/5,13.07.2018

Great product. Has never failed. And allows for extra fun.

Raj - 5/5,20.06.2018

Great pill the best pill in the market, I have tried others but left disappointed, this is the original gold pill, its the only ever pill I tried which has no side affects, I do not have a heavy head the next day, for that reason alone I highly recommend this pill, also it does actually last more than 24 hours , please note cheaper replicas are available online but these are not genuine gold pills. this product will give you the best results I have been buying from here last 2 years.

John - 5/5,12.06.2018

Hi I`m age 61 and was having difficulty with maintaining an erection until I discovered the Golden pill. Used it for the first time recently and it worked within 30 minutes and I was able to get further erections over the next few days which was great!

Paul - 5/5,27.05.2018

i have tried these pills once before and they are absolutely the best, the blue pills are amateurs and have a long way to go to match the gold pill, my confidence was at rock bottom and as you know guys once you get that feeling it only gets worse..TRUST me try the golden pill and as if by magic its like having a snake charmer in the bedroom

Michael - 5/5,23.05.2018

Really effective exactly as promised, I haven`t been that hard for a long time

Alan - 5/5,16.05.2018

This is my second order, after a little gap. I used first ones a little sparingly, partly to test worked each time even after an interval which they do, and partly to keep use a bit special. I will be more generous to myself now, the product is excellent and really works and the boost to confidence knowing this is as great as the enhanced physical benefit

Peter - 5/5,04.05.2018

I have been using the gold pill since 2016 now and am reordering again today. It’s a great product and has never failed me once. I’m in my seventies and my partner her fifties, we enjoy a very full and active sex life that I’m sure would be a lot less active without these little pills. I have no hesitation I recommending the Gold Pill, it’s an honest product.

Tony - 5/5,04.05.2018

Really effective exactly as promised, I haven`t been that hard for a long time

Peter - 5/5,24.04.2018

I have now been using these pills for a few years and they keep on working. I get a rock hard erectiopn within 30 minutes of taking one and the effects can last up to 48 hours for me. My wife loves it when I’ve taken a pill as she knows she is going to get a great time. I highly recommend this pill as it really works!

Marty Mcfly`s undone - 5/5,03.04.2018

The gold pill gave me the confidence to approach my partner sexually, being anxious at first was crippling our pleasure, using the pill as a helping hand gave me the assurance i could perform! however even after gaining experience and self confidence in the bedroom i have continued to use the pill as it makes me feel like a superhero!

Anonymous, 27.3.2018

This is my third order and I just want to say keep up the amazing work. My wife cannot get enough of me now as the erections are lasting hours. 3 times a night is not uncommon. no side effects and I feel so much better in myself too. keep up the good work.

Anonymous, 14.3.2018

After trying prescribed blue pills with little affect I tried the Golden Pill and what a difference. Little affect initially but subsequent ones turned the corner. Reordering

Mick, 06.3.2018

There is no doubt in my mind that this is an excellent product - erections felt like a fading memory until we discovered The Gold Pill - Happy Days = Thanks

ger, 06.3.2018

This is my second order,and at my age 69 I find the golden pill amazing makes me feel more like 39 with no side affects great we are both glad I found it. Thanx

JB, 24.1.2018

Wow , I have been using the gold pill for nearly a year , since having several operations over the last few years , I found that my confidence and stamina had completely gone ,which in turn put extra pressure on trying to perform (downwards spiral) then I was recommended the gold pill ,by a older friend, I now have my confidence stamina and the hardon of a twenty year old ,thank you JB

GOLDen oldie, 18.12.2017

I am in my late sixties and this is my fourth order as I have tried other pills but the Gold pill is the only one that really works. I can take it knowing it’s natural and safe. I will be placing more orders in the future and will highly recommend the Gold pill . Thank you for reviving my sex life.

Anonymous, 15.12.2017

Keep coming back for more and more. Erections last for ages and you feel the effects of the pill for up to and more than 72 hours. Will continue to keep coming back for more. My fiancée loves it when I use these and it has made things amazing!! Enced a stuffy nose once or twice but nothing major.

Kay, 14.12.2017

Excellent pill no side affects whatsoever. Have been a regular customer since 2015. This is the only genuine gold pill from the original makers , I have tried various other pills but this one is the only pill that really delivers time and time again. You will definitely not be disappointed, I highly recommend this, I find no side affects no headaches or feeling groggy the next day, unlike other pills on the market, you will have to try to see yourself, the affects usually last for a few days, and erections are none stop. Thank you gold pill you have restored my confidence in the bed, which is just priceless.

Anonymous, 23.11.2017

I was very unsure when I initially made a purchase. They arrived promptly and securely through the post - Amazing results I am on my 3rd purchase.Thanks purchasers to reinvigorate your sex life!

Steve, 16.11.2017

Hi guys, I have been trying other products on and off, but your pills never fail. With no side affects what so ever, keep up the good work, just ordered some more for my holiday take care.

Anonymous, 04.11.2017

These pills are fantastic, hard within 20 minutes and can last easily all night. These work for at least 72 hours and you won’t be disappointed, my wife certainly isn’t. We can’t get enough of them. Would highly recommend to anyone who is unsure, give them a go and I guarantee they will work for you. Will continue to keep purchasing them.

Kahn, 03.11.2017

I'm very curious when it comes to these kids of supplements, but the proof is in the pudding,I took the gold pill, it delivered the results, I was well pleased, I was dreading the side affects the next morning however I was fine and feeling energetic, so I continued to use the gold pill time and time again, and I only use it because its the only pill in the market that will not give you side affects, and rock hard erections,I'm now even looking to bulk buy, to enjoy the savings as I keep coming back for more, its helped me build my confidence, and my partner tells me I need to be in porn movies, thanks gold pill.

Jay, 30.10.2017

Great Pills works every time, I have tried many products elsewhere but often left with nasty side effects mainly heavy head, and feeling sick the next day, since I have used the gold pill it does not have side effects and delivers every time, there are other gold pills available and I would not recommend buying them , as this is the original gold pill and you will not be disappointed , fast delivery and discretely packaged, once you take the pill it will last you for 72 hours .You have to try and see yourself.Im glad that I found the perfect pill with no side affects, will definitely use again and again.

Anon, 02.09.2017

Wow....what can i say..absolutely amazing.At first was slighty sceptical as so many on the market....but what a surprise.Effect noticed within a couple of hours. Much stronger and so much harder almost solid.My partner was more than impressed. 24 hours later and the reaction was just as impressive. No side affects whatsoever.I would recommend The Gold Pill.it certainly worked for me. Rating 5 star...10/10

Anonymous, 01.09.2017

I have been using the Gold Pill for some while now and it never fails. I have great erections whenever I take the pill and the effects last for me up to 48 hours. My wife gets very excited when she knows that I have taken a pill as she knows that we will be having a lot of fun. 10/10

Anonymous, 02.08.2017

Tried these as I was curious and boy do they work... I`ve used other branded pills before at double the price but the gold pill beats them all hands down.. no side effects from these pills at all..just longer harder and much better... would definitely recommend these to anyone. 10/10

Anonymous, 09.07.2017

Hi I have used the Gold pill on a number of occasions and it works every time and sometimes for 48 hours and I am 58 ,I am fully satisfied and I have recommended it to my friend who purchases a lot he is also happy.

Anonymous, 21.06.2017

Having tried several well advertised enhancement pills, The Gold Pill has been the most reliable. Within the hour the results are self evident and the lasting power is truly amazing. The effect is still there the following day.

SH, 29.05.2017

I was unsure when I initially made a purchase. They arrived promptly through the post and they did not disappoint. My girlfriend and I have had lots of pleasurable sessions and now I am on my 3rd purchase. I would recommend to any new purchasers to reinvigorate your sex life!

Anonymous, 22.05.2017

I was sceptical before purchasing this product so ordered a packet of four in order to try it out. Well this product is simply amazing. I have not experienced erections like this for years. I have now ordered more. Simply awesome. Thank you I will certainly be ordering more.

Anonymous, 21.02.2017

Keep coming back for more and more. Erections last for ages and you feel the effects of the pill for up to and more than 72 hours. Will continue to keep coming back for more. My fiancée loves it when I use these and it has made things amazing!! Enced a stuffy nose once or twice but nothing major.

Anonymous, 13.02.2017

Have ordered this loads now and its the best out there.My erections last longer i go longer even still gets harder in the morning The Golden Pill is really the best out there and it does what it says on the tin. Even my cock is harder and my partner loves it. Give it a go.

Jim, 10.02.2017

This is an excellent product. Third order and no complaints. Experienced a stuffy nose once or twice but nothing major.

Anonymous, 02.02.2017

The 5th order of this very special product. Without a doubt the best supplementary non prescription enhancement pill. Will continue to order if I run out in the future. Thanks The Gold Pill. A continued happy customer.

Anonymous, 21.11.2016

Wow... what can I possibly say but to agree with the testimonials to date. Forget how many I have ordered now but never dissatisfied. Great product, great service Thanks!

Mr. PM, 10.11.2016

The Gold Pill is a truly amazing product. For me i take before food and about 2 hours before and you can go all night and it is still working next morning. Its Fantastic!

Alex, 12.08.2016

This product has never failed me. Would highly recommend to anyone who isn`t sure if this product works. Great service and extremely pleased with the results. Will keep on coming back for more.

EA, 08.08.2016

Excellent product with very satisfactory result each time consumed. Definitely would recommend this product. This order will be the 8th in my record, evidence of satisfaction gain from consuming the product.

A.C., 03.08.2016

This is my fourth order of the gold pill and it` as an amazing effects.

Peter, 01.08.2016

Excellent product and works every single time without fail. A MUST BUY. You will not be disappointed

JK, 29.07.2016

Excellent product, no side affects and works a miracle this is my 5 th order, I have tried other products but this tops them all

Anonymous, 22.06.2016

This is a repeat order. I am very satisfied with the results. Has never failed me!

A., 10.06.2016

I have bought this product more than a dozen times. This says everything.

Peter, 10.06.2016

I have been using these pills now for a couple of years and they never let us down. I say us as my wife thinks they are marvellous. I can`t recommend these pills highly enough.

Vader, 10.02.2016

Yet again I've come back to make another purchase, my wife insists on it! Seems to get better each time! I can agree with other reviews....great product & will keep coming back for more!

Anonymous, 28.01.2016

I am ordering this magic gold pill again! This pill does exactly what it says it does! And ready to go again in no time at all. Definately a must have for any man who hasn`t tried it yet, even if like me you`ve had no problems before! Highly Recommend this pill

Anonymous, 14.01.2016

Omg amazing pills they really do work and we have tried all different makes with no joy. The gold pill works everytime and after 18 years we just fall straight back in love like day one! Thank you x

Rob, 02.01.2016

Happy New Year guys! Keep the good job. The Gold Pill has definitely helped to keep our marriage more exciting...

Anonymous, 16.12.2015

I bought these before not expecting much and was happily surprised that they actually did have the effect they state, just from natural ingredients too.

Alex, 10.12.2015

This product is fantastic, this is my fifth order and what can I say. I haven`t ever had a problem at all but thought I would try them. I would highly recommend this to anyone.

Anonymous, 09.12.2015

Can you believe the embarrassment when you mate is waiting for you and nothing is happening, no matter what you do? This is happen 2/3 times for me and then my god I stumbled on this Gold pill and ordered the minimum - best thing ever, thank you!

Anonymous, 29.10.2015

For the first time I would like to say If I bought this product for 11 months /twice pack per month and really I was satisfied of quality everytime, it` s very important to respect all the indication and that means to not eat with two or three hours before for immediately effect ; on the other side it`s important to drink more water and also to combine with sports when you can .. In the rest all the best in the future , thank you

Emmanuel, 25.10.2015

This will be my second order and i must say i had a magnificent experience with my partner and will surely recommend this to anyone!

Anonymous, 25.09.2015

Very good product, struggled with the stuffy nose side effect but have got a relief using my micromist nasal spray and back to my 3rd order now.

David, 26.06.2015

This is going to be my third order of the Gold Pill and I couldn`t be happier. My girlfriend loves it just as much as I do! I will continue to keep ordering, 5 STAR product and would recommend to anyone who wants to try it. Fantastic.

Zabrolier, 16.06.2015

This is the best product I have ever tried, being in my mid seventy`s I needed something to give me the urge I used to have when I was in my teens and o`boy this gold pill really has all the power. My wife keeps asking me when am I going to take the next one, when I say soon, she seems to want it sooner. This is my second order and long may it live.

David, 19.05.2015

This is my second order of the gold pill. The results are excellent. Made my nights better and my partner loved it too. Would recommend to anyone as they are brilliant

Malcom, 10.05.2015

Super product that keeps me up all night.

Christoff 5, 21.04.2015

I have just ordered two packets which will be my 5th order now. At 68 years of age I'm very happy with the results. She is amazed, as I am...

Kenze Bolt, 15.04.2015

This is my second order. I give this a 5 star. The reaction great. Delivery is prompt and fast. Did not regret giving this a try.

M J, 11.04.2015

Third order, anyone who`s scepticial, then fear not. The only minor side effect is a slight stuffy nose, but a very small price for the impact these have. Will continue to order. 5 star product

Eds, 02.03.2015

This is my 2nd order, after being very sceptical about the 1st order, but I have to say it does exactly what it says...

Joe, 18.02.2015

Many pills on the market claiming false information about there products... but this product does what its says .... buy it now it works....

Paul, 11.02.2015

Can highly recommended this product over any other products that I have used as I have now come back for more. Comes in a plain package which is great if you don`t want anyone to find out what you have ordered especially the other half. I took this one hour before and wow it had an amazing effect that night and the following days. Will be coming back for more when these run out.

Paul, 31.01.2015

This product is the best we have tried and really have made things a lot better . This is prob my forth order and will order more as it does do what it says . Brilliant product and would tell others about it and to try it cause it always works for me.

James, 29.01.2015

I have tried a few different types of tablets before but I would have to say these are the best I have experienced thus far, I like the fact they are natural also.

Terry67, 16.01.2015

This is my 5th order, and we are totally satisfied with the product. We have tried others, but this is definitely the gold standard. Long may the formula work.

Derek, 16.01.2015

Best pills on the market by a long way, used for over 12 months,never had a problem!

Laura, 11.01.2015

Fantastic product!! My partner is impressed too. Would never use anything else. Highly recommended!

Anthony, 07.12.2014

Keep ordering these they really do work my partner loves it will be back for more

Cyril, 03.12.2014

This gold capsule is the best ever I've used it and am really satisfied

Bill, 25.11.2014

3rd order - absolutely fabulous - has given me back the confidence I`d lost when worrying if I would manage or not.

Anonymous, 17.11.2014

I have been using this product for a while now I can honestly say its never let me down, highly recommend this product.

Don, 12.11.2014

I`ve used these pills many times, and always with success. Especially good the following morning. My partner is delighted!!

Anthony, 06.11.2014

Got these before, and will be back for more again, they really work and my partner loves it.

Trevor, 16.10.2014

Fantastic pill. I have used them for a while now. I find it easy if you take the pill and then eat something. I have found that this gives the best results. Now I feel comfortable when going to bed.

Anthony, 15.10.2014

This pills really work, my partner loves it.

Carol, 10.10.2014

This is our second order and can honestly say this pill has been amazing for us,Thank you!

Trevor, 30.09.2014

This stuff really does work, I`ve just placed second order, awesome results cant recommend it enough!

Ian, 29.09.2014

Pill works wonders for me,my second order!

Paul, 25.09.2014

Amazing pills that work every time. I am one very happy customer. Recommended to anybody as you won`t be disappointed!

Anonymous, 17.09.2014

Pill continues to amaze, no side effects and effects last even on a 60 year old man like me.

Anonymous, 10.09.2014

This is my second order and am really amazed as I have tried other products , but have never had results as fantastic as the gold .so good that I have recommended them to some of my friends .my wife thinks I`m the greatest thing since sliced bread .All I can say is thank you gold pill.

Anthony, 01.09.2014

Amazing product, not only do you know it works she will love it and will just what more of you.

Stuart, 26.08.2014

This is my second order and I can honestly say these are the real deal, I took one about an hour and a half before a visit to my new girlfriends and was more than ready just driving there, good job I didn't get stopped by the cops on the way :-)

Lee, 07.08.2014

Hi, I purchased these thinking that it will not work that good.. OMG !!!! They do Exactly what it says on the box ..

Terry66, 24.07.2014

This is my 4th order, and we could not be more pleased. The pills do exactly what it says. Our love life has never been better. Long May it continue.

Stanley, 18.07.2014

This is my second order, apart from a cold like headache for a while, they worked very well...

Peter, 17.07.2014

This is over my 10th order now. Still amazed with the results. Never once had a side effect off the product and never been let down once by the product. Very satisfied customer indeed. Highly recommended to anyone to try.

Joe Manchester, 04.07.2014

Me and my partner are very pleased with the results of The Gold Pill,tried other pills but effect not as good just ordering another supply to keep my partner happy. I would highly recommend them.

Akin, 25.06.2014

This is a great product, is real, it worked for me. The product worth trying, you got nothing to lose. The effect is great.

Bill, 07.06.2014

Second order - the effects are tremendous. New life at 58, and partner is amazed!!

David, 07.06.2014

Recently tried 1st box. I am 73 yrs old she is 68. Result 1st class. Many thanks the relationship will continue.

Derek, 06.06.2014

This is my 4th order, can't fault this pill it does as it says, would deff. recomend!

Peter, 01.06.2014

This is my third order and this pill keeps getting better. The pill works within 30 minutes of taking it. My wife can`t believe how good they are and so she is happy and I am happy. I would recommend this pill to anyone.

Paul, 28.05.2014

Yet another order of these amazing pills.. money well worth spent.. never been let down with then once. Will definitely be ordering many many more.

Joseph, 18.05.2014

The best pills I have ever had, they really work. Spent many pounds in the past on other pills but these are the best ordering more now at this minute.

Paul, 10.05.2014